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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where will my boudoir pictures be taken?

A: In order to make your sessions more personal, & to keep the setting fresh & exciting for the best photos possible, we will decide this together during your scheduling consultation. It is of absolute importance that you are comfortable and relaxed for the session, to get the best images out of your boudoir experience. We offer options available along the coast, from Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach, as far north as Malibu, as well as Black’s Beach in La Jolla and beyond in San Diego, California.

The vast majority of our past shoots have been either in client’s homes or at the beach. Other available settings include studio sets, a scenic hotel, outdoors, or wherever. This is your day, you get to be the princess you always wanted to be! Studio addresses are provided if needed after we finalize your session date. If you prefer to shoot in a hotel, you are responsible for booking the hotel room but let us know which hotel you are considering as we might have an arrangement in place or be able to arrange you a special discount for the session. 

Q: Who will be present for my Boudoir shoot?

A:  Your privacy & comfort are of absolute importance to us. The only people present at your shoot are your photographer, and you. A make-up artist and assistant may be present early on to help you prepare for the shoot. After that, no audience is allowed, only the participant(s) of the shoot. Yes, we do shoot couples, but only if both parties are in the photos will a partner be allowed on site during your boudoir photo session. No exceptions. This is your time. 

*Note that if you need a support person, as long as they do not interfere with the session, we will accommodate. Interference with the session may immediately end the entire session without refund, so discuss this during your consultation if you think you need someone there for support.

Q:  I’m self-conscious and shy – is this really for me?

A: Of course! What woman isn’t? This is an experience for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It is our job to make sure you feel comfortable and look amazing at your boudoir sessions, and we take our responsibility serious. Our goal is to showcase the personality, spirit. & beauty of each woman. Beginning the session with a bit of nerves is fine. I’d be more concerned if you weren’t a bit nervous, I always am! Remember, I’ve never seen you undressed either. Sometimes going outside of your comfort zone is both thrilling and a critical part of this life-changing experience. I promise you will leave this session feeling excited, empowered, confident, and looking flawless if not outright glowing. 

Q: How old are your clients?

A: You must be over 18 to enjoy a session with us – NO EXCEPTIONS! (verification is by a copy of government ID required with your photography session contract). Beyond that, it’s most common for clients to be between 25 and 55, though any age is welcome. If you can move, you can groove. 

Q: Do you retouch the images?

A: Yes. All your final images will have post processing work done including slight skin retouching. We will NOT make any drastic changes to your body image. We will work with lighting and posing to expose your inner beauty. We also do not remove scars unless you specifically request – it’s part of who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what makes you as an individual beautiful & unique.  

Q: Will you use my images on the Internet?

A: No, not unless you first provide written permission to do so after your session and you have reviewed your images. I understand & respect your need for privacy.  I can agree to show all, some, or none of your images in future marketing and online demonstrations, with your agreement. We’ll discuss this after your shoot. All of the women featured on this site or in any of our social media sites have provided written permission in advance to share their images. Also, your full name will NEVER be associated with your photos unless you disclose it or request us to use your name, without exception. Show them to whom you wish, and no one else. And look for yourself: we never share unflattering images.

Q: I’m not a professional model & I don’t know how to pose… will you help me?

A: Of course! We do not expect you to know how to pose. Even most professional models don’t know how to pose, they have to be directed! We will coach you throughout your entire photo session. You bring your chosen outfits and we’ll take care of the rest.  We coach you down to your fingertips, show you techniques for great facial expressions, and use only the most flattering poses, regardless of your body type.  We can also play your favorite music while we shoot to help you relax and enjoy the experience.  


Q: What is a boudoir video? Isn’t that the same as porn?

A: That depends on the artist. I suppose it can be, but that’s not what we shoot. Your video experience will be no different than the rest of your photo shoot, and the same boundaries apply, which leaves a lot up to you and what you want it to look like. Here are a couple collections of boudoir videos to help you grasp the range of possibilities, and maybe come up with some ideas: 

– Public boudoir sessions (published on Vimeo)

Here’s another woman’s perspectives on boudoir art and the freedoms of posing nude, if you’re still undecided:

  • A Woman’s Perspective: Scroll down to “Eleven Years His Muse” (This level of comfort with you is my personal goal)

Q: Can I do my own makeup?

A: The short answer is No. Your session fee includes professional hair & makeup for a reason. I want you to look the best you can. Sometimes that’s not what you expect. The talent and expertise that a professional make up artist brings to any photo or video shoot is critical to your overall experience and satisfaction with your boudoir session and as important as having me behind the lens. My makeup artists are very talented, trained, and know how to bring out your best features just right for the camera.

Q: What should I bring to my boudoir shoot?

A: After you book your session, we will email you a guide and consult with you to help select your costume & wardrobe choices for your shoot. I’ll answer most of the questions you may have about lingerie (including stores to look at for ideas if you need to shop and want a little inspiration, see below). I’ll be only a phone call or email away for any of your questions up to and thru your big day.

Q: What if I don’t have any sexy outfits?

A: Not a problem. Boudoir embraces a wide range from barest suggestion to tasteful & artistic nudes (see my image examples scattered across this site). The beautiful thing about boudoir is that there is no ‘proper’ outfit. There is no perfect image. You can wear absolutely whatever you want, from a bridal veil to a bedsheet (VERY popular), filmy gauze, a fuzzy blanket (looks great in photos), even a mound of pillow fluff or fresh wool can create a fascinating look – or wear nothing at all. A vast majority of our clients shoot au naturel, within their comfort. Below are a few wardrobe options I have found that embrace a wide range of choices if you want something special for your boudoir session with a bonus: you can save them and use them again afterward. 😉

Not to mention what you can get via Amazon or your favorite clothing stores…


* I routinely partner with local boutiques. Feel free to reach out to me as I may have coupons or discount codes to share with my clientele.

Q: How long after my Boudoir Shoot do I get to see my images?

A: We will meet again an hour or two after your shoot, or if needed, during the week after your shoot for your private ordering session. We can do this in person or via Zoom. This allows me time to make any touch ups needed to make your images the absolute best they can be. I prefer to reveal your images same day when possible, but if you need your viewing session later during the week, just let me know & I can make that happen.

Q: How long does it take to get the finished product?

A: If you’re only purchasing digital images, you can walk away with them the same day you purchase them.  Other albums & products can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive after you approve their design, though I will deliver them to you as soon as they are available. This delay is because I use the best materials, delivered from Europe, for most of my products.

Q: How do I pay for my session?

A: You may pay online or in person with cash, credit card, bitcoin (Cardano or others may also be accepted). I also offer a 10% discount on all product packages purchased at or before the time of your shoot. There is even an option to “bank” in advance or postpay your purchase after the fact, though postpayment plans have none of the perks or extra benefits.

Q: How much should I expect to spend for this experience?

A: Our base session fee is $499 for 4 hours of preparation & on set shooting time. If you want a video included, or a couples session, there is an additional fee. All of which is explained in detail during both your no obligation consultation and in your contract. Products are available at your ordering session al’a’carte as well as in inclusive packages.  The cost varies from client to client, but we offer packages from $995 and up images a’la’carte from $500 and up, as well as offering interest-free payment plans and other financing options that will let you prepay or purchase your products and enjoy them right away. Most clients invest between $2500 and $4500, session fee included, though we have a full-released digital only option for all final images delivered in a luxury drive along with online app for additional downloads available for $2,500.

All of which makes a Seaside Boudoir experience affordable for almost everyone. And, believe me…it will be worth every single penny.

Q: What are your cancellation/rescheduling policies?

A: We realize that life can get chaotic and try to be flexible. We do have a $150 fee if you reschedule without enough notice before your scheduled session. If you need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible so I can schedule another client in your place and waive this fee. A no-show, or more than 15 minutes late without notice and prior agreement will forfeit an entire session fee as I wasn’t able to schedule another client. As long as you keep open and clear lines of communication, we shouldn’t have any problems. 

Q: I’m on a limited budget. After my order is placed, will I be able to purchase more items from the shoot again later on?

A: I’m afraid not. I only provide one viewing and ordering session & only keep the images that you purchase or release. All purchases will need to be made at that time, which is why I provide financing options that will help you purchase everything you want. 

Other information:

Please remember that we are professionals too. Please arrive on time to prepare your makeup and choose the best outfits for your wardrobe. Most important: remember to have fun and enjoy being pampered. This is your spa day (with photos)!


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