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Premiere Boudoir Photography

Why Boudoir?

   I lived outside the U.S.A. 2016-2020. Along the shores of a tropical island, I began photographing models for local jewelers & clothing designers. All of these models shared the same insecurities that plague and torment almost every woman today (Am I beautiful? Am I pretty? Will anyone love me?). When they explained how liberating it was for them to undress in front of the camera for a shoot, and how excited they got when they saw their final photos, I realized these were joyful moments that every woman should experience, free of shame or judgment. A way to reconnect with yourself free of condemnation or hurtful criticism. They are also a great relationship builder: with yourself, and with your spouse.


   My main goal when I began shooting sexy photos for a living was to remind couples of their precious moments and the reasons they came together in the first place; to help forge a stronger bond with themselves and each other. There was a piece of marital advice I was given over 20 years ago: when, not if, you get in an argument and it’s going nowhere with your spouse, don’t blow your top. Don’t stay mad. Stop whatever else you’re doing and get naked. Right then and there. If you still love each other, the argument will stop. You can’t help it. Try this sometime and see for yourself. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married.  This works.

     A similar effect seems to occur with boudoir. Both during your session with me, as well as when you see the final photos, and again when you share them with a partner. It’s magical.


    You were born in this skin, this body. God gave it to you for a purpose and a journey. Enjoy your body, purpose, & your journey.  Leave a boudoir session with AEllis a new woman, reborn, fresh, confident, & ready to slay!


    Available by appointment only in studio, your home, or beautiful coastal locations including Laguna Beach and San Diego.

Our Styles

Boudoir Photography for Every Taste & Body

    I strive to provide my clients with a variety of quality styles to choose from: light and airy glam by the ocean, milk bath, or bridal scenes to dark & sultry bedroom, bathtub, shower scenes, and more. I have years of experience shooting in a variety of settings and specialize in offering Beach and Boudoir to women and couples, as well as Artistic Nude, Fitness, & Fantasy photography. From mild to wild, leather to lace, beach or studio, & everything in between. I can also come to you, “on location” at your home, hotel, or other site, wherever you are most comfortable, and in many cases I offer same day edits and viewings.

      Check out My Gallery of Boudoir for some samples of our styles and past work to spark your imagination for your own sessions. I also have a few past clients’s albums that they have offered to share with you, in addition to the samples in our galleries. I share these free of censorship wherever possible so that you know what you can expect. Keep in mind that styles change and evolve over time like any other personal taste, so if you have something specific in mind, please bring it to my attention during your phone consultation so I can plan accordingly.

Best Boudoir Outfits

   The wardrobe tradition associated with boudoir centers around lingerie and removing it. However this is changing as boudoir becomes ever more popular. If you’re not a lingerie person, bring oversized shirts, satiny bedsheets, fuzzy or fur blankets, a sheer robe, bridal veil, latex, leathers, go nude or even a Chewbaca costume! …I’m kidding – kinda. But you get the point. …But if you are willing to come as a nude Twi’lek for a session with blacklight or UV body paint, I WILL waive your photo session fee – That will be too much fun!  I do love styled shoots, so if you have an idea, send it my way. If you need more pointers, try our free outfits guide or any of the merchants listed in our FAQ section. They have enormous selections to choose from for almost every need or body.
     Boudoir is about you being you, so whatever outfit makes you feel ravishing, sexy, and confident, that’s your best option. We’ll help with the rest.
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